Digitising MeIT

Leading specialist meat supplier, Solent Butchers has invested in a complete end to end software solution with food software house, Systems Integration (SI). Once installed, the new solution will enhance its delivery of top quality produce to the foodservice catering sector.

Faced with processing hundreds of individual orders a day from discerning customers, including hotels, restaurants, care homes, educational establishments, corporate caterers and the public sector, Solent wanted a software solution that would integrate with its specific processes and supply chain.

Commenting on the deal and its vision for integrating the business into one system, Solent Butchers managing director, Mark Cristofoli said: “Our business is all about quality and service. It’s not just the cut of the meat that matters, but the whole supply chain that helps deliver the end to end process that supports it.

“So when we analysed how we could improve our service to customers with SI, we recognised there were significant time and information driven savings we could achieve through a modular end to end software automation process. As we now enter the implementation phase, we will start to see some major efficiency gains across the business, thanks to a robust business analysis and specification process we have already undertaken with SI.

“For example, SI and our team have already engaged with our supply chain, to actively develop a new way of labelling the meat products we purchase from them. Part of this process will involve the creation of a barcode system for each pallet, case and pack, containing all of the information we need for traceability and order production. So when we go live with the system, we will be able to make our overall process much more efficient, cutting down the time and paperwork used across the business.

“Because this information will also be live and visible through real-time dashboards, we will be able to better allocate inventory to individual butchers, as soon as product is received in stores. In addition to this, because we know there is weight loss to consider, each delivery will also be weighed on our own equipment, so we can use this information to better plan production runs.

“With further packaging and weighing data after the butchery process also recorded by the software, we will have a solution that gives us all the productivity, traceability and individual order data we need.

“But I think one of the most interesting modules we will be implementing will be the proof of delivery application, which utilises connected handheld devices that our drivers can use to scan and confirm orders at customer locations. This system comes complete with signature authentication and transmits data to our head office for immediate invoice.

“So once the whole system goes live, we will be able to remove paper based processes from our business and have the live information at our fingertips, that will ultimately help us deliver a better experience to our diverse customer base.”

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