Our butchers use both traditional and alternative cutting methods to produce a wide range of consistent quality beef cuts. So whether looking for chateaubriand or stir-fry strips, you’ve come to the best possible place. To discuss your specific requirements, just pick up the phone to one of our friendly sales team.

Download our Finished Product Specifications document:

Aberdeen Angus Beef

Farm Assured English Beef

Sourced from an established Supply Chain our Beef carries the AHDB Quality Standard Mark. Strictly enforced standards provide total product integrity. Every stage from Farm to Plate is independently inspected offering combined guarantees of food safety, animal welfare, care for the environment and enhanced eating quality.

Southern Pride Beef

Southern Pride Beef is a Premium Quality English Beef Brand that you can serve with Pride and Confidence. Our Beef is selected from assured farms in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire using traditional farming and finishing methods. All our animals are rested over night with fresh bedding and water. This encourages the animals to be stress free at the time of slaughter, which further enhances the product and eating quality.

Aberdeen Angus Beef

Angus has been regarded as arguably the most prestigious cattle breed throughout the world, renowned for producing beef with an unparalleled reputation for superior eating quality driven by heavily marbled meat cuts.

Certified Aberdeen Angus cattle from registered pedigree sires are hand-selected from designated Farm Assured farms. Hanging the meat carefully on the bone, our suppliers cut and trim to our exact specifications to ensure only the highest-class cuts are included.

We further age the beef for a minimum of 28 days which will ensure that the Black Angus Beef maintains an unparalleled reputation for superior eating quality driven by heavily marbled meat cuts.

West Country Beef PGI

Produced from hand selected animals that have been born, raised and finished in one of the six counties making up the West Country (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset & Wiltshire). From these farming regions the cattle are reared as nature intended, free to roam and graze on pastures that have been naturally seasoned by the wind and rain of North Atlantic, giving the beef a unique and exceptional taste.

PGI Scotch Beef

Dry Aged PGI Scotch Beef

Aged on the bone for 28 days our PGI Scotch Beef comes from hand-selected, grass-fed cattle that are reared to the highest standards of farm and animal welfare. Our finest Scotch beef is aged in our state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled, dry-ageing unit. The recently installed unit features a wall of Himalayan rock salt, which draws the moisture out of the beef producing a beautiful deep ruby red colour on the outside with a good covering of fat and an even distribution of marbling and texture. The resulting product is not only succulent, tender and easy to eat, but it also delivers on flavour and there’s very little shrinkage. Solent Butchers Dry Aged Beef – a product you can be proud to serve and one that your customers will come back for again and again…