Lamb is a fantastically delicious and tender meat. Our butchers have produced a range of innovative and premium lamb cuts designed to add the wow factor to any menu. To discuss your specific requirements, just pick up the phone to one of our friendly sales team.

Download our Finished Product Specifications document:

Farm Assured English Lamb

Our English lamb carries The AHDB’s Quality Standard Mark which includes eating quality guarantees. Independently established standards cover traceability, cutting and packing, storage, maturation, welfare, hygiene and food safety. The proof is in a consistently high quality product with fantastic taste, texture and tenderness which ensures that you can be more confident in the quality of the final product that you serve your customers.

Welsh Lamb PGI

This unique taste and premium quality of PGI Welsh Lamb is available from June to December.The PGI badge of authenticity makes Welsh Lamb very different from other Lamb products. It is a quality that is created from good farming practices performed on one of the best farming environments in Europe. A 1200km coastline provides fresh, sea air to three sides of Wales; a sweep of rich, green landscape rolls back inland, offering mile after mile of hills and mountains where flocks are able to roam and feed on the best that nature can offer.

Southern Pride Lamb

From Dorset to the uplands of the North and South Downs, Solent Butchers are proud to work with local farms and producers to develop a premium lamb brand. Using traditional farming methods and the highest welfare standards our lambs benefit from an outdoor life, left to graze naturally on and among the lush, green pastures. Our skilled butchers use their craft to prepare a product that you can serve with pride and confidence.

English Mutton

All our Mutton comes from animals that have been carefully selected, finished and processed to achieve optimum flavour and an excellent eating experience.

Although Mutton is available all year round, the best meat is produced from October to March where the sheep have access to nutritious summer and autumn grass and heather. Mutton offers both an ideal alternative and foil to lamb during this period.

Produced to a Farm Assurance Standard, our Mutton offers a delicious meaty flavour with a succulent rich texture.