Consumer demand for chicken, turkey and duck based dishes when they dine out shows no sign of abating. Thanks to its versatility, health benefits and value for money, chicken, in particular, remains an almost ubiquitous part of British cuisine. We offer our customers a wide range of fresh farm-reared chicken, turkey and duck. Just contact a member of our sales team to discuss your requirements.


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As a registered supplier of English quality assured poultry all our products are bred and supplied to the highest possible standard, which include food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection and guarantee of origin. These are just some of the managed quality controls in place to ensure a top quality product offering both excellent taste and consistency.

Whole birds sourced from a fully integrated supply chain in Shropshire and Cheshire through to specialised individual cuts that cater for every need.

Free range English poultry sourced from the traditional regions of Norfolk and Suffolk and Creedy Carver Chicken reared on Merrifield farm situated in the beautiful Devonshire countryside offers a contrast of provenance.


Our Turkeys are produced to Red Tractor Farm Standards, which is backed by a far-reaching quality assurance scheme which promotes the highest possible standards in food safety, traceability and bird welfare. Low in fat, high in protein and highly flexible Turkey is an ideal meat for everyone.

Sourced from Hubbard’s Farm in Braintree, our Award Winning ‘English Rose’ Turkeys are a slow growing breed, giving excellent confirmation and eating qualities. ‘Farmed for flavour’ ensures a rich and succulent product with controls in place from ‘plough to plate’.


Free Range Creedy Carver Ducks from Merrifield Farm based in the beautiful Devonshire Countryside are reared to the highest welfare standards. Reared in small flocks they have daytime access to grassy paddocks and open water. Grown in such welfare friendly conditions ducklings really do produce a better quality and flavour.

Farm assured Gressingham Duck, a unique cross breed of wild Mallard and Pekin is produced by Gressingham Foods. Hand reared on farms in the heart of East Anglia, Gressingham Duck is renowned for its high quality of succulent and flavoursome breast meat, low percentage of fat and rich gamely flavour.